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High quality cloth masks made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. The smart 3D design will make it snuggle your face and leave enough room to talk comfortably without your lips touching the mask. 

Color: French Rose, Powder Pink, Apricot, Beige, Light Blue. 

⚡️ Affordable: Price: $20/pack of 5 masks. 
⚡️ Washable: Wash & dry after each use (up to 30 times). 
⚡️ Breathable: Double-layered cloth for extra protection while still allowing easy breathing.
⚡️ Comfortable: Cotton makes the difference. Easy to take on and off, and gentle on your face for long-periods of time.

NOTE: We will always do our best to fill your order as directed. If we are out of a particular color in a Mixed Color order, we will substitute missing color with one included in the order. 

Example Neutral Color Mix - if we’re out of Gray, we might replace with Charcoal (another color from the mix)... so instead of Black (2), Charcoal (1), Gray (2)... you’d might receive Black (3), Charcoal (2).

CARING FOR YOUR MASKS: We recommend hand-washing your masks and letting them hang-dry.
This will help them keep their shape and sizing. Machine washing and drying can be used if your masks are too large for you.
They are 95% Cotton so they WILL shrink when tossed in the dryer.


SKU: 100
  • All sales are final. 

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